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Sunshine Siding & Windows Co are Your Local Storm Damage Siding Repair Experts!

Since 1973, Sunshine Siding & Windows Co. of Schaumburg Illinois has been serving the siding needs throughout the Northwest Suburbs and surrounding areas. This is especially true in times when severe storms damage local properties. Unfortunately, during times of storms and home damage, the area becomes swarmed with out-of-state contractors called “storm chasers.” Below you will learn how to spot storm damage to your siding, what the next steps are in the event you have storm damage, why it is best to work with local contractors as well as why Sunshine Siding & Windows is worthy of your call. To schedule A FREE, NO OBLIGATION Siding Inspection call us today: 847-847-4387

Free Hail Damage Inspections

In the event that a strong storm system has unleashed the punishment of hail know that Sunshine Siding & Windows Co. is just a phone call away. Our team of highly trained professionals will provide you with a free hail damage inspection for your siding. In the event that damage is found our team will work to provide you with insurance claim assistance.

How to Spot Storm Damage on Siding

Storm damage to your home’s siding can be caused by a number of factors such as high winds, hail, standing water, heavy snow, along with fallen trees and debris. Below are some of the tried and true signs of siding damage following a storm or heavy snow:

  • Your siding has dents, cracks, or holes caused by debris or hail
  • You have siding panels missing or hanging from your home
  • Your home’s gutters, flashing, or soffits appear shifted, missing, or broken.
  • Your siding is showing signs of chipping, warping, paint damage, or stucco damage.
  • When damage is found, or if you are unsure if the damage is present, call Sunshine, and we will come out to perform a full inspection!

If any of the above have occurred call Sunshine, and we will come out to perform a full inspection!

Why You Should Use Local Contractors For Storm Damage Repair

The sad truth is, when storms come through the area, so do many disingenuous “companies”. Leaving in their wake, shoddy workmanship, broken promises, mishandled insurance claims and more. When working with local contractors you have a much higher chance of receiving the customer service and workmanship you expect. You also can reach them in the event that something needs adjustment or repair. Below are a couple things you should ask for when dealing with a contractor after a storm:

  • Demand a written estimate stating exactly what work will be performed (If this is not included, the contract is non-binding)
  • Firm contract price (It is illegal to not include a firm price – beware of “per insurance proceeds”if you see that, refuse to proceed any further.)
  • Written warranties (Reputable contractors always provide written warranties)
  • Ask for current job site locations. You want to confirm they are doing work in your area as well as to see their crews working (Be sure to be on the lookout for  out-of-state license plates on the trucks or trucks without company logos and information.)
  • Where is their office located? Do they have a local showroom?
  • Never pay money before work is performed.
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