Replacing your Siding Carol Stream

Replacement Siding Carol Stream Illinois

The outside of your home is the most prominent parts of your home that your guests see first. Having the outside of your home look old and worn will give people the impression that the inside is old as well. New siding can give your home a new look and can give your home a boost in market value. Replacing your siding can also help you in different ways. Often times older siding lets more heat out or in during the winter and summer months. It can let insects or even small vermin into your home and can cause major problems to the structural stability over time. Sunshine Siding and Windows can help replace your siding and get your home looking its best.

Siding Carol Stream

There are several different types of siding, and all have the benefits and drawbacks. Picking the right siding for your home is all about what you are looking for. Often people choose based on looks. Either way, professional installation is always the best to make sure that your siding looks its best.

We specialize in the installation and repair of both Vinyl and Fiber Cement Siding.

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Whether you are calling because you have storm damage, have old failing siding, or simply want to boost your curb appeal we have you covered. Our experience staff is there every step of the way from design to product selection, installation to insurance paperwork.

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Aluminum Siding Carol Stream

Aluminum Siding is another common siding type in the area. This is due to Aluminum’s natural insulating properties that can keep heat out in the summer, and heat in during the winter. High-quality aluminum siding has a higher resistance to damage than vinyl when it comes to high winds, but dents easier with lower impacts. Like Vinyl aluminum also has a lower cost than other traditional siding choices. It is also highly insect resistant.

Wood Siding Carol Stream

Natural wood siding can give your home a distinct look that is very reminiscent of older times. Cedar is a common siding choice for wood as it is pest resistant. While the look of wood is desirable and it can resist damage from both high and low impacts. Wood siding is more vulnerable to the weather and other forces causing it to rot or wear out.

Vinyl Siding Carol Stream

One type of material for siding that most people think of is vinyl. This is because of the low cost in not only installation but in maintenance. Vinyl Siding also comes in a wider range of colors and other design elements. However one of the drawbacks of Vinyl is when it becomes damaged the entire panel needs to be replaced. It also is easier to crack than metal or wood siding when in high winds and can easily be shredded by a snowblower or lawnmower.

Siding Installation Carol Stream

No matter what siding you pick, having it installed correctly can make all the difference. When your siding is installed incorrectly, it leaves your home vulnerable to the elements. Moisture from rain or just a humid day can enter causing the wood under the siding to start to rot. Wind and freezing rain can cause the problem to get worst by expanding the gaps in your siding. So don’t take the risk of having your siding installed wrong. Call the siding experts at Sunshine Siding and Windows today!

Siding Contractors Carol Stream

Sunshine Siding and Windows has the expertise you need to make sure that your siding is done right, and our friendly staff is more than willing to help you. We’ll make sure that you get the right siding for your home as well, as not all brands of siding are the same. So call today, you’ll be glad you did.

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