Doors Schaumburg

Doors Schaumburg

Your front door is one of the first impressions people make when they see your home. Make a great first impression by adding a new entry door to increase your homes curb appeal. Curb appeal is important when you are trying to sell your home. It catches the eye of not only potential buyers, but also neighbors and friends. An easy way to enhance the look of your home and its curb appeal is with a new entry door. A new entry door can also increase the value of your Schaumburg home!

Most Common Types of Doors Schaumburg

  1. Paneled Door- frequently used throughout homes. It is made with wood and shudder panels that come in a variety of styles. This style door can also be made with a combination of glass and wood.
  2. Metal Door- strong or hollow doors used for outside doors, but can be used or inside doors as well. These are most commonly used as security doors.
  3. PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride) Door- these doors are anti destructive, light weight, water resistant and more!
  4. Flush Door- this door is smooth on every side and made with plywood or fiber board repaired over a wood frame. These doors are seen more and more in houses for their sleek look.
  5. Battened and Ledged Door- one of the most basic types of doors and mostly used in bathrooms.
  6. Bamboo Door- not as commonly used but are water resistant, rust resistant and environmentally friendly.
  7. Glass Door- most commonly used for back doors looking out into the backyard or garden. They are not typically used as a front door for privacy and security reasons.
  8. Aluminum Door- these doors have aluminum door frames that cannot be affected by termites and are long lasting.
  9. Wooden Door- used in many homes and can be used for any door inside the house.
  10. Fiberglass Door- doors with fiberglass are steady and do not warp. They are normally used with wood on the frame of the door and eye appealing.

Different Style Doors Schaumburg

  • Hinged- swing open, used in most homes
  • Dutch- divided horizontally
  • Pocket- move into the wall
  • Sliding- these doors are on a track and do not swingFrench- double sided doors, each open

What Makes An Energy Efficient Door?

An energy efficient door is made up of a few different materials. Energy efficient doors consist of multiple glass panels that help reduce heat flow. They fit tighter and have more weather stripping materials to keep air from coming out of the edges. Energy efficient doors also have the newest energy efficient materials.

How To Draft Proof Your Door Schaumburg

Drafts happen when windows and doors are not sealed all the way. When your home has drafts, your heat has to work harder, increasing your energy bill. If your home has several drafts then you should weather proof your home with some of these helpful tips:

Weather stripping: Weatherstrips are a great solution to a drafty home. They help seal the gaps in your doors or windows. A

New door sweep: Another great way to eliminate drafts is replacing your door sweep. An old door sweep can become old and not as tight, causing more air to come in.

Foam tape: If your door is warped and does not close tight, foam tape can help. You just need to cut the tape and place it in the drafty spots.

Door Snake: These are weighted fabric tubes that help keep the air out.

Choosing The Right Door Schaumburg

Choosing the perfect new entry door is not as easy as you think. When choosing a new door, you want to make sure it will be energy efficient, has durable materials and is eye appealing. Our experts at Sunshine Siding & Windows can show you the best quality doors that are energy efficient. We can help you choose the right type of door for your home so it can withstand the summer and winter months of Schaumburg. Last of all, we want to help choose an eye-catching door that you will love and enhance your homes curb appeal.

Our professionals are highly trained and certified to install or replace a new door for you. We always provide utmost customer service and quality work. The next time you start thinking about replacing your old door, call Sunshine Siding & Windows!

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