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Our BBB-accredited company has been serving the roofing needs of home and business owners in the Buffalo Grove, Illinois area since 1973. When it comes to roofing, we can add years to your home or building, with the great look you deserve at a price you will love.We offer both roofing repair services as well as roofing replacement. If you are experiencing a leaking roof, bulging shingles, or have a roof over 12 years old call us for a free estimate today!


Sunshine Siding & Window has the knowledge and experience that you can depend on. For more than 40 years, we’ve made a name for ourselves in the home improvement industry. Our installers are expertly-trained craftsmen in their area of expertise. We are licensed, insured, and bonded. Your project will be assigned an on-site crew leader. This crew leader will supervise the work, to make sure we meet your needs. So the work will be done correctly, safely, and with the utmost respect for your home and property.


Here are a few of the brands offered by Sunshine Siding & Window. We’re licensed, bonded, insured, and have served the area for more than 40 years. Our BBB-accredited business can offer you a variety of roofing services including complete roof replacement, tear off, and repair, as well as other home improvement work.

We proudly install roofing materials from these incredible roofing supply companies: Owens Corning, Tamko Building Products, and Landmark Pro.

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Want to learn more about our services? Then we want to hear from you. For a free estimate, or to learn more about our services, please call us now at 847-895-0078. You may also fill out the easy contact form on this page.

Frequently Asked Roofing Questions from Buffalo Grove Illinois Residents


Q: Is Sunshine Siding & Window Company a local company and how long has it been in business?

A: Yes, Sunshine Siding & Window Company has been locally owned and operated since 1973. While a physical address isn’t necessarily an indication of reliability, it does suggest that the company is established and will be around should you have problems while the roof is under warranty. If you choose to deal with a company not local to the area, you may not be able to get the company back to fix any potential problems in the future. Sunshine Siding & Window Company offers a 10-year Workmanship Guarantee.

Q: Does Sunshine Siding & Window Company remove my old roof?

A: Yes, in most cases – however, after careful inspection, your roof may not require it. Some roofers will claim to save time and money by inspecting, with their eyes, the old roof, and then, if all looks well, shingling over it. However, unless the old shingles are pulled up you will never know if you have soft spots or rotten wood beneath the current shingles. If bad spots remain behind, you will have larger, costlier problems in the future.

Q: Will you provide a detailed written estimate or contract for my roofing project?

A: Yes. Settling into a contract without a detailed estimate can cause problems in the long run. So before signing a contract, Sunshine Siding & Window Company will provide a detailed estimate, which includes the cost of removing the old roof, adding the new roof, and anything that could possibly come up in the process (such as rotten plywood that needs to be replaced). The detailed contract will list the work to be completed, estimated time frame for completion, and the type and brand of materials being used.

Q: What is the warranty on my new roof?

A: The materials are usually covered under a manufacturer’s warranty (a 25-year Manufacturer’s Warranty is common). Sunshine Siding & Window Company provides a 10-year Workmanship Guarantee. You will want to make sure the contractor backs up his work too if there should be a problem – and get this writing.



At Sunshine we take pride in our workmanship. We offer you this guarantee as proof of our confidence in the quality of the professional installation provided by our skilled craftsmen.

Sunshine Siding & Window Co. guarantees that your installation has been completed in a workmanlike manner according to standard practices. All work has been completed as per the specifications and conditions outlined in our proposal.

Our workmanship is guaranteed for five years from the date of installation, and is transferable through the life of the guarantee.

This guarantee does not include damages beyond Sunshine’s control such as windstorms, hail, ice, fire, lightning, or other “acts of God”. Also, this guarantee does not cover any material defects. Materials are covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.

This workmanship guarantee applies to workmanship only and is not valid unless payment has been made in full compliance with the terms outlined in our proposal. This guarantee must be signed by an authorized representative of Sunshine Siding & Window Co. in order to be valid.

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